Another significant storm to end the weekend, lasting into Tuesday.

Hello everyone. We haven’t been posting or writing much this week as we’ve been working pretty hard on redesigning the mobile app and adding lots of new features. We do have another system on the way with plenty of rain and snow in the forecast, so let’s discuss!


Updated totals and timings for our slightly delayed system.

This is an update for our previous forecast, in which we discuss the upcoming system in detail. Model runs today have revealed that our system tomorrow is slowing down just a bit — no changes to impacts overall, but you can push back timings by about 4–6 hours.

Due to the delay in moisture, we should have a bit nicer weather for much of the high country into the afternoon, instead of widespread thunderstorms being in place earlier on. For instance, last night’s run had precipitation totals on Sunday from noon to 3pm looking like this:

Little to no freeze this weekend, snow, lightning, and rain from Sunday to Tuesday.


  • Storm (not particularly cold) from Sunday afternoon to Tuesday morning. Soft conditions on Monday morning (storm skiing), powder on Tuesday morning. Fairly heavy/wet snow.
  • Snow levels at 10,000ft. initially, ~8,000ft. on Monday, and 6,500ft. on Monday night.
  • Widespread thunderstorms Sunday afternoon, severe storms and supercells possible on the Plains.
  • Consistent rain and snow in the Front Range, Mosquito/Tenmile Range, and Sawatch Range through Tuesday morning, and decent precipitation elsewhere.
  • Over a foot of snow possible for many mountains in the above mentioned ranges.

Analysis of yesterday’s storm, drying and warming trend through the Saturday, more rain and snow from Sunday onwards.


  • Thursday: Sunny. Seasonal spring temperatures. Temperatures above freezing during the day below 13,000ft. Light winds. 60s-70s at lower elevation.
  • Friday: Sunny. Warmer temperatures. Temperatures above freezing during the day at all elevations. Light winds. 70s at lower elevation, 80s on Western Slope and southern/eastern Colorado plains.
  • Saturday: Increasing clouds (cumulus). Isolated thunderstorm potential, mostly in the Front Range. Weak to no freeze overnight below 12,000ft. Light winds, except for gusts associated with weak convective storms in the afternoon. …

Snow and severe thunderstorms from Tues afternoon to Weds morning, warm weekend.

Hello everyone. Hopefully the return to spring was a welcome change after a rather dreary week (at least in the Front Range). Some parts of northern Colorado picked up quite a decent amount of snow before the weekend began, and the skiing — or climbing — conditions were truly wonderful. Spring provides so many options!

Here’s a basic overview of the storm chances we will discuss in this article:

Snow through Friday, warming into the weekend and next week, another storm chance on late Tuesday.

Clouds have moved back over Colorado as a band of moisture enters the state. As the deformation zone of the closed low to our west moves overhead, moderate snow will fall in parts of northern Colorado.

Storm totals from this morning and another look at snow potential for Wednesday to Friday.

A cold and crisp morning in Colorado after a very wintry storm!

Updated forecast for snow this evening, record cold temperatures tomorrow morning, and more details on our snow chances from Wednesday to Friday.

This is an update to our previous forecast — we may not cover all the aspects of this storm in as much detail as that article.

The cold front scheduled for this afternoon has raced ahead of the forecast quite a bit. Though models are usually too slow with frontal passages (FROPAs), the cold air swept through the Denver metro area by 7am or so. At the airport, you can see the temperature plummet and winds whip around from the northeast with the FROPA:

Storm later Mon., hard freeze on Mon. and Tues. nights (lows likely in the teens for the urban corridor), unsettled pattern Weds.— Fri., warm weekend.

Today features a short respite from the unsettled and cold weather pattern of the past week.

Satellite imagery shows the mountain snowpack, along with snow on the Palmer Divide, in the foothills, and west of I-25, all of which is melting rapidly.

More snow on Saturday and on Monday night, with unsettled weather into the end of next week.


We can get a good look at our future snow chances by looking at a grid of precipitation probabilities.

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